Insight into “Because It Was Raining”

“Because It Was Raining” was inspired by real-life events which I had either participated in or witnessed. When I was writing it, I had to find a balance between reality and fiction, and that was not an easy balance to find…

On one side, I felt absolutely compelled to write what really happened: The drugs, the depression, the anger, and the violence. Many people have experienced loss due to these issues, and I felt that it was important for me to address them in order to accurately portray the feelings of a young person struggling with grief and feelings of abandonment.

On the other side, I knew that family members would read this story, and I knew that the people involved deserved anonymity due to their portrayal being completely fictionalized. I had to find a way to included all of the people and their impacts on the main character, and that required condensing them quite extensively. I hated to have to do that. Every character in this story has a compelling back story, as almost everyone does, however, I felt justified in their portrayal as they were perceived by the main character.

The balance was one of truth and artistic portrayal, of memoir and fictitious narrative, and I think that I managed it as well as I could. I hope that everyone who reads this story will feel the same, and can find in it some meaning that can help them with some of the same issues that I myself have had to address.

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