From Amazon buyers:

“Excellent read. Got interested in characters right from the beginning with no lull throughout.” TLA

“I really loved this if you be experienced loss, it’s a must read. Lots of details and let’s you know you can overcome a lot of obstacles in life if you just let go and walk away from it, at least that’s what I interpreted. I lost my mom at a very young age and sometimes still feel like I can’t let go, I also live in the past a lot so I feel like I know the character.” HNB

“Great read, enjoyed it immensely” MM

“It isn’t a feel good story, but is an interesting read. You find yourself growing with the main character as you read along. Those of us who have experienced heartache and loss often bury it deep within. The book explores these difficult topics from a young man’s perspective, and leaves the reader with much to contemplate. I intended to read a few chapters, and ultimately found myself finishing the book in one sitting.” DB

“A realistic glimpse inside the world of a kid looking for answers in an insane world. I really like this story because it is excruciatingly sad, but also gives hope and leaves the power for hope with the individual. That is a VERY powerful lesson.” BP

“An inspirational piece of art. I enjoyed this book, descriptive, great dialogue and character portrayal. Will definitely be subscribing to any future publications.”

Bill McManus, The Huffington Post

Great read! The resolve experienced by the end of that part of his journey was inspiring. Great insight to the Psyche of a tormented young man.. Great take away..

Excellent book, beautifully poetic descriptions. I could feel the room around me as I read @worley_skyler #book #Writers #Amazon purchases!

Amazon review by Lee Ann, and Twitter review by author Norma Rrae